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  • Just push a button to extend and retract your power cable
  • Maximize your time on the water by minimizing your time at the dock
  • Eliminate the effort and backache of carrying and coiling power cable
  • Store your power cable in areas otherwise inaccessible
  • Free up your valuable deck storage space for other uses
  • Built to provide years of maintenance free use in any environment
  • Widely accepted by major yacht manufacturers worldwide
  • Fully Tested and Approved: CE, ISO 8846


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  • What Types of Cables can I use?

    The Cablemaster can handle all types of shore power cables from 0.5 to 1.625 inches (12 to 42 mm) in diameter. The Cablemaster works with every size of shore power cable between 16 amp and 206 amp service.

  • What is the Minimum Space Requirement?

    The minimum space requirement will vary depending on which Cablemaster model you choose. Each unit has its own minimum space requirement but none are limited to a specific installation arrangement. Typically, cable lengths longer than 50 feet (15.25 meters) will require additional storage space. In its simplest application the Hawse Pipe Assembly is connected to the Power Unit. This arrangement will work well in situations where there is ample storage space immediately below the Hawse Pipe’s installation.

  • What if I don't have the required width or height dimensions?

    The Cablemasters unique design allows for the Hawse Pipe and Power Unit to be separated and mounted individually.

  • What if my storage space is not directly below the Hawse Pipe?

    The Cablemasters unique design allows for the Hawse Pipe and Power Unit to be separated and mounted individually.


  • Typical Current: 30 amp (USA) 32 amp (EU)
  • Cable Type: #10 AWG x 3
  • Cable Diameter: 0.5" (12mm) to 0.8" (20mm)
  • Input Voltage: 12 or 24 volt
  • Industries: Industrial, Marine


Cm-4 Dimensions - Front ViewCm-4 Dimensions - Front View Cm-4 Dimensions - Side ViewCm-4 Dimensions - Side View Cm-4 Dimensions - Top ViewCm-4 Dimensions - Top View
Cm-4 Dimensions - With ContainerCm-4 Dimensions - With Container


Cablemaster - Installation Photo 1Cablemaster - Installation Photo 1 Cablemaster - Installation Photo 2Cablemaster - Installation Photo 2 Cm-4 - Installation Photo 1Cm-4 - Installation Photo 1
Cm-4 - Installation Photo 2Cm-4 - Installation Photo 2


Cablemaster Usage - 1Cablemaster Usage - 1 Cablemaster Usage - 2Cablemaster Usage - 2 Cablemaster Usage - 3Cablemaster Usage - 3
Cablemaster Usage - 4Cablemaster Usage - 4 Cablemaster Usage - 5Cablemaster Usage - 5


Angled Cablemaster InstallAngled Cablemaster Install Cablemaster Installed With Horizontal ExtensionCablemaster Installed With Horizontal Extension Cablemaster Installed With Vertical ExtensionCablemaster Installed With Vertical Extension
Closed Coupled Cablemaster InstallClosed Coupled Cablemaster Install



Number of
05010 CM-412 volts#10 AWG3--
05013 CM-424 volts#10 AWG3--


04062 Angling Assembly (30°)
04064 Angling Assembly (60°)
04066 Angling Assembly (90°)
04063 Angling Assembly (120°)
04067 Angling Assembly (150°)
04065 Angling Assembly (180°)
04070 Low Profile Assembly - Marine
04061 Pipe Coupling with Rollers 3" PVC
04045 Pipe To Pipe Angling Assembly
85424 Power Cable Storage Container (18" D x 18" H)
85420 Power Cable Storage Container (20" D x 18" H)
85421 Power Cable Storage Container (22" D x 15" H)
85425 Power Cable Storage Container (22" D x 22" H)
04153 Remote Control - RF Noise Filter
04155 Remote Control Installation Kit (includes 2 transmitters)
04040 Roller - Pipe End Assembly

Replacement Parts

Replacement Part
05030 12-volt Motor Assembly (CM-4)
05031 24-volt Motor Assembly (CM-4)
WP140 Guide Roller Assembly
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