RV Power Cable

Take control of your RV power cable with Cablemaster™!

Stop losing the battle to your power cord . . .
We’ve already won it for you!

Are you tired of fighting with your stiff, cumbersome power cable? Glendinning has been helping RV owners relax for decades! The Cablemaster has been innovated for maximum user convenience, ensuring a reliable and convenient power connection. We offer power cable handling & storage solutions for most Class A coaches, 5th Wheelers, and Super C models. 

Cablemaster - RV power cable handling and storage


Cable Handling Made Easy

Minimize hassel and downtime with patented “Zero-Effort” cable extension and automatic retraction! Never struggle with stiff power cable again!

Simple Connection & Usage

Cordset features “EZ-Out” lever on plug for effortless cable disconnect as well as an LED indicator light to indicate when the power is on. Glendinning also uses special SEW, the most flexible cord on the market!

Best Cord on the Market!

All units installed with UL Type SEOW jacketed cable which can stay pliable in sub-zero temperatures – The most pliable cord in the industry!

CR Series

  • Classic reel style
  • Manual pull out, motorized retraction & storage
  • Patented “Zero-Effort” pull out technology – no spring to overcome
  • Molded cord set with “EZ” Unplug Lever with LED power indicator light
  • Compact frame to fit in small spaces
  • Ridged frame for additional support
  • Sleek, seamless design with no sharp or protruding edges
Cable Length:32 ft.36 ft.50 ft.
Typical Amperage:50 amp50 amp50 amp
Cable Type:50 amp
(4 cond.)
50 amp
(4 cond.)
50 amp
(4 cond.)
Retraction Motor Voltage:12 or 24 VDC12 or 24 VDC12 or 24 VDC
Cable Jacket Material:Type S, SEType S, SEType S, SE
Frame / Metal Components:Steel (E-coat)Steel (E-coat)Steel (E-coat)
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CM Series

  • Motorized, Extend, Retraction, and storage of your power cable
  • No slip rings, directly connected to power panel
  • Unlimited Cable Length
Typical Amperage:50 amp 50 amp (US)
63 amp (EU)
Cable Outside Diameter:0.8"-1.2"
Typical Cable Type:#10 AWG / 6mm2
(3-4 cond.)
#6 AWG / 16mm2
(3-4 cond.)
Retraction Motor Voltage:12 or 24 VDC12 or 24 VDC
Cable Jacket Material:Type S, ST, SE, PURType S, ST, SE, PUR
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