Smart Actuator 4

Intuitive linear actuator for any mechanical function

The Smart Actuator 4 is a single function linear motion mechanical actuator, which can receive different types of electrical / electronic commands and control a mechanical device. The Smart Actuator 4 can be used with all types of vessles including inboard, outboard, sterndrive and waterjet.


The Smart Actuator 4 is designed to control several onboard mechanical functions including:

  • Mechancial engine throttle
  • Mechanical transmission shift
  • Mechanical reverse bucket
  • Mechanical trim control


The Smart Actuator 4 operates by receiving a variety of electronic inputs and which it outputs as mechanical motion.

Various Electronic Inputs:

  • Analog Command
  • Switched Input Command
  • CAN Digital Communication

Mechanical Outputs:

  • Move Mechanical Cable (Type 33c/43c) over a 3 inch stroke
  • Control External Switch Output
11356E-ASmart Actuator 4.2 External Cable - Analog Input
11356E-C4Smart Actuator 4.2 - Throttle / E-Shift
11356E-C10Smart Actuator 4.2 External Cable- Shift
11356E-C11Smart Actuator 4.2 - External Cable - Bucket/Pitch
11356E-C12Smart Actuator 4.2 - Troll

Operating Voltage:10 - 36 VDC
Control Input:CANbus / Analog / Switch Control
Mechanical Output:40 kg
Mechanical Output Speed:60mm/sec (can be reduced)
Length:233mm (9.2 inch)
Width:124mm (4.87 inch)
Height:90mm (3.5 inch)
Ingress Protection:IP67
OtherComplies with CE requirements 2 x switch outputs (for trim pump or electrical shift)