Model S

  • Handle and store your shower and washdown hoses with ease!
  • Saves Effort
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Fits virtually anywhere
  • Various mounting options
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Install a Glendinning Hosemaster-S today! You’ll be glad you did . . . and soon you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!


Hands-free, easy storage of your bathing deck shower or deck wash hose.

Easy To Use

Pull out as much hose as you need, then when you are done, the built in spring mechanism will quickly retract and store the hose for you.

Built To Last

Constructed for the marine environment using a combination of stainless steel and composite materials.


Self contained unit, fits in the smallest available spaces.


Supplied complete with both side and edge mount brackets. Various shower head options available.


Hose Outlet Connection1/2" NPT Female
Hose Type9mm ID, white non-marking
Pressure Rating:125psig @ 140°F
Weight9lb / 4.08kg
Mountingunits supplied complete with edge bracket and two side brackets


Part Number:Hose ID:Hose Length:Power SourceAdditional Info:
05550-8-E.32" (8mm)8 ft.Spring8' base unit with edge bracket
05550-20-E.32" (8mm)20 ft.Spring20' base unit with edge bracket
05550-8-SE.32" (8mm)8 ft.Spring8' base unit with side & edge bracket
05550-20-SE.32" (8mm)20 ft.Spring20' base unit with side & edge bracket
05550-8-S.32" (8mm)8 ft.Spring8' base unit with side bracket
05550-20-S.32" (8mm)20 ft.Spring20' base unit with side bracket
05550-8-U.32" (8mm)8 ft.Spring8' base unit with U-bracket
05550-20-U.32" (8mm)20 ft.Spring20' base unit with U-bracket

With U Bracket

With Edge Mount Bracket

Edge Mount Bracket

With Side Mount Brackets

When a smaller reel would be better suited to your application, and powered retrieval and extension is not necessary, The Hosemaster Model-S is your solution! Hosemaster Model-S is perfect for shower hose and washdown hoses. It is designed to withstand the harsh marine environment which means its durability and reliability is second to none. Its compact design makes it ideal for hard to reach storage locations. There are several mounting brackets and options which allow it to be installed virtually anywhere.  

Manufactured from composite materials and marine grade stainless steel, and featuring a robust auto-lock, spring re-coil mechanism the Hosemaster-S is supplied with 20ft (6m) of 9mm ID hose and presents an extremely convenient alternative to manually storing loose hose.

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