Joystick Control System for Sailboats

Sailboat handling made easy! The ProPilot-S was designed with the sailboater in in mind. It combines throttle, shift, and thruster controls into one small package to minimize valuable space taken at the sailboat helm.

Note: Unit shown in video is an obsolete design, but functionality is the same.

Joystick Controls

Move your boat in any direction

Navigate your boat in any direction with the intuitive joystick. Just move the joystick in the direction or roation you want your boat to move.

Propulsion Controls

Propulsion Control (Shift & Throttle)

Moving the control lever ahead or reverse will control the shift and throttle fuction as with a conventional control.

Seamless Transition

Simply change the control you want to use and the control system takes care of the rest.

For sailboat applications, the ProPilot-S automatically extends the thrusters when the joystick is initially moved.

The ProPilot-S automatically retracts the thruster when the engine propulsion controls are moved.


  • The ProPilot-S is a propulsion control system optimized for sailboats and other single engine applications.
  • Multi-station capability (dual helm applications)


  • The ProPilot-S is conpatible with any type of engine or transmission – either mechanically or electronically throttled.
  • The ProPilot-S is compatible with any type or brand of thrusters – single speed, proportional, tunnel thruster, or retractable.
  • The ProPilot-S is compatible with any Glendinning Complete Controls 1 and Complete Controls 2 systems.

The system layout shown here is suitable for single propulsion engine with mechanical throttle and shift and single speed bow and stern thruster. Please note:

  • The ProPilot-S is compatible with engines which are electronically throttled and shifted. In this application, the Smart Actuator 2 will be replaced with an EEC3 / EEC4 Processor.
  • The ProPilot-S is compatible with any type of proportional and / or hydraulically powered thruster. A different Thruster Interface Module will be used for these applications.