Smart Actuator 4

The Smart Actuator 4 (SA4) is a single function linear motion mechanical actuator, which can receive different types of electrical / electronic commands and control a mechanical device. Smart Actuators make it possible to integrate a system’s onboard electronics. Automating manual control and feedback can greatly increase performance, improve safety, and lower costs. Electronic-mechaical smart actuation extremely simplifies the mechanical task by reducing the number of components needed. Smart Actuation also makes position, speed, and status feedback easy to monitor.


The Smart Actuator 4 can be used in almost any application requiring an electronic input and mechanical output

Construction Machinary

Utility Highway Vehicles

Factory Automation

Agricultural Equipment


  • Able to receive absolute or incremental position feedback from embedded potentiometer or encoder
  • End of stroke signaling when the actuator has reached either end of its stroke
  • Dynamic breaking allows for high position accuracy and coasting control
  • Network communications for condition monitoring, diagnoistic, and other applications through CAN bus connectivity
  • Synchronization functionality which allows for up to 4 actuators to share a load
  • Real time monitoring of voltage and temperature with ability to shut down an overloaded actuator.


  • Increaed efficiency
  • Fewer components needed to acheive calculated motion
  • Reduces cost
  • Enhanced safety
  • Improved feedback and diagnostics
  • Simple installation and integration
Operating Voltage:10 - 36 VDC
Control Input:CANbus / Analog / Switch Control
Mechanical Output:40 kg
Mechanical Output Speed:60mm/sec (can be reduced)
Length:233mm (9.2 inch)
Width:124mm (4.87 inch)
Height:90mm (3.5 inch)
Ingress Protection:IP67
OtherComplies with CE requirements 2 x switch outputs (for trim pump or electrical shift)

11356E-ASmart Actuator 4.2 External Cable - Analog Input
11356E-C4Smart Actuator 4.2 - Throttle / E-Shift
11356E-C10Smart Actuator 4.2 External Cable- Shift
11356E-C11Smart Actuator 4.2 - External Cable - Bucket/Pitch
11356E-C12Smart Actuator 4.2 - Troll