Automatic Synchronizer

Automatically Makes Two Engines Run As One!

The Glendinning Automatic Synchronizer has been the industry standard for automatic engine synchronization for over 30 years. Engine synchronization is vital on twin engine boats, not only for the purpose of increased efficiency, but also to eliminate the annoying noise and vibration cause by engines operating at different speeds.

Synchronizer (transparent 400w


Automatic Synchronization

Unlike synchronizing lights and gauges, the Glendinning Automatic Synchronizer adjusts engine speed automatically and continually, without any effort on the part of the boat operator.

Single Lever Control for Two Engines

When the Synchronizer is on, it will adjust the speed of the slave engine to exactly match the lead engine speed. The result of this is that the boat operator can control the speed of both engines by merely adjusting the speed of the master engine.

Compatible with all types of engines and controls

Adapters are available for interfacing the Synchronizer with virtually every engine or control system, including push-pull hydraulic, pneumatic and electronic controls.

Very Dependable

Over 25,000 Synchronizers currently operating throughout the world. Some units have been operating since the products initial release.

Installation shown is for “pull-to-open” throttles and counter clockwise rotation.


  • “Slave engine” bridge control cable is removed from engine and installed on synchronizer.
  • Tach senders are removed from engine and relocated to Synchronizer.


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