Mechanical Engine Control Systems

Wish your smaller boat could be controlled like a luxury liner? Now your mechanically controlled propulsion system can have the feel of electronic precision.

Mehanical engines with all the control features of electronic controls

Integrated Multiple Engine Capability

Two or three engines can be controlled as easily as a single engine, for outboard, inboard, or stern drive applications — with the full advantage and feel of electronic precision.

Optional Automatic Mechanical Backup

The Smart Actuator I™ can be configured with an optional capability for automatic mechanical backup control, which provides for the automatic changeover between electronic and mechanical control at the push of a button.

Sync Mode

One control handle can control the speed of both engines with the simple press of a button.

Exclusive Station Transfer

In order to transfer control from one station to another a “two-button” press of the keypad button is required.

Warning Mode

A visual indication that a battery voltage problem or check system problem has occurred.

Alarm Mode

The system will continuously monitor system functions and alert the boat operator of a problem that has or can affect the operation of the control system.

Optional Slow Mode

Great for “no wake” areas, this mode changes engine throttle response where full handle movement will only result in half the normal full throttle engine speed.

Optional Troll Mode

Only the advanced control system gives the boat operator control over the transmission trolling valves (if equipped).

Cruise Mode

Normal operating control of engine speed and transmission.

Warm Mode

Locks transmission in Neutral while allowing engine throttles to be increased or decreased safely.


Smart Actuator 1 - Heavy duty/Backup

Smart Actuator 2 - Full Featured