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High Efficiency Control Cables

Glendinning’s Pro-X™ control cables offer you a comprehensive line of high quality pull only, push pull, and specialty control cables.
Pro-X™ control cables give you the quality and reliability you’ve been looking for!

Control Cable Assortment


Although our cables can be tailored for almost any use, these are just a few applications we currently provide for:

  • Throttle
  • Choke
  • Brake
  • Utility
  • Parachute Release
  • Vehicle seat adjuster
  • Hood Release
  • Fuel Shutoff
  • Emergency
  • Steering
  • Tension
  • Flow Control
  • Push Button

  • Tachometer Core

  • Door Opener

  • Remote Release

  • Dump Valve

  • More

High Quality Construction

We only believe in the best possible quality. From the conduit to end fittings, Pro-X™ control cables are manufactured consistently and professionally right here in our local facility.

``Standard`` Solid Wire Core

Our standard core consists of polished stainless steel solid wire. This core is suitable for most standard control cable uses and applications. Solid wire cores can be formed on the ends to eliminate the need for end fittings. Available in all our push-pull cable series.

``Armored`` Core

Our highly efficient “armored” core technology is the best in the industry. Stainless steel flat wire swaged over stainless steel stranded cable and burnished to a smooth, close tolerance finish, provides high flexibility and incredible strength. Choose PRO-X™ Armored Core for:

  • Stiffer Core – simply put it “pushes” a load better.
  • More flexiblity – doesn’t bog down with multiple bends.
  • Heavy-duty – for applications that require robust control.
  • Minimizes drag – while it maximizes performance.

Available with series 75, 95, 125, & 185 cables.

Inner Liner

Specially processed polymer liners minimize friction for maximum efficiency. The inside diameter is precisely controlled to minimize lost motion and premature wear, problems that seem to plague most “splined” or “grooved” liners.

Outer Jacket

Heavy duty, high density non-hydroscopic polymer jacket is extruded onto the conduit for maximum cable strength and abrasion resistance.

End Fittings

300 series stainless steel and nickel-plated brass are used throughout to ensure maximum corrosion resistance.


A “full complement” of reinforcing wires are placed in a long lay pattern to protect the liner and inner core. The close tolerances achieved between the cable core and conduit result in minimal deflections during cable operation, assuring precise controlling action to the operator.

Seals & Boots

Durable polymer seals are used to prevent moisture and contaminants from entering the cable.

Pro-X Control Cables cross section diagram

Our Capabilities


We offer several cable grades and materials of core in order to handle any loads from 20 -200 lbs. See Series Specification Chart to find the right cable for your project.


Typically, our cables are manufactured with 1″- 4″ of travel. However, our cables can be customized to accomidate any amount of desired travel.


Our cables can be manufactured at any desired length, usually between 2′- 40′.

End Types

Our cables can be manufactured with a variety of end fitting types. Utility, Twist-O-Lock, and Vernier handles are available with regular, plain, clamp, shoulder, or bulkhead ends. Can be manufactured in any combination.