Model LW

  • Integrated level wind automatically retracts hose the most compact way possible
  • Retract and store your water hose with ease
  • Easily pull out as much hose as you need
  • Store your water hose in the most compact way
  • Simple installation using mounting brackets and templates
  • Built to provide years of maintenance free use in any environment. Manufactured from stainless steel, aluminum, and reinforced plastic
  • Approvals: Potable water approved, Hose: NSF61, conforms to TS-25
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Customizable Features

  • Model LW is currently manufactured with water and pressure washer hose, but reels can be designed to handle a variety of different hoses
  • Designed to handle hose with a 1/2″ & 5/8″ outside diameter
  • Can handle up to 100 feet of hose (1/2″), dependant on diameter
  • Available for both 12 & 24 VDC setups
  • Optional Remote Control Available
  • Variety of installation mounting options available
  • Variety of water hose nozzles and accessories available
Part Number:Hose Type:Hose ID:Max PSI:Hose Length:Power Source:Additional Info:
05520-12-50Water5/8"150 PSI50 feet12 volts
05520-24-50Water5/8"150 PSI50 feet24 volts
05520-12-50-ROWater5/8"150 PSI50 feet12 voltsRemote Control Replay
05520-24-50-ROWater5/8"150 PSI50 feet24 voltsRemote Control Relay
05520-12-75Water5/8"150 PSI75 feet12 volts
05520-24-75Water5/8"150 PSI75 feet24 volts
05520-12-100Water1/2"150 PSI100 feet12 volts
05520-24-100Water1/2"150 PSI100 feet24 volts
05533-12-HPPressure Washer3/8"300 PSI100 feet12 voltsSetup for high pressure rotary joint, levelwind, no hose
05533-24-HPPressure Washer3/8"300 PSI100 feet24 volts

The Hosemaster Model-LW is your final solution when it comes to handling and storing water hose! It is designed to withstand the harsh marine environment which means its durability and reliability is second to none. It offers a compact design that will fit up to 100 feet of 1/2 hose almost anywhere. Its “Zero Effort” pull out design and automatically retractible feature easily resolves all hassle. The level wind guide roller takes away all work by evenly guiding the hose back on to the spool. Several options of mounting brackets and templates are also available to make installation an afer thought. Take control of your hose today and call us!