Power Cable Handling & Storage

The Cablemaster product line offers a complete line of devices for handling all types of portable power cables.


Hose Handling & Storage

The Hosemaster product line offers a complete line of devices for handling all types of hoses.

Complete Controls™

Marine Remote Propulsion Controls

The Complete Controls product line offers boaters a complete solution for the remote contorl of any boat – inboard, sterndrive, outboard, waterjet, CPP, Etc.

Industrial Controls

Electronic Remote Controls / Smart Actuators / Monitoring

Electro-mechanical actuators, user controls, monitoring panels, and custom solutions for any remote control application.

Smart Actuation

Display Panels

Professional Grade Control Cables

Pro-X High Efficiency Control Cables

Industrial Push Pull Control Cable

Glendinning offers a wide viariety of cables for an extensive amount of applications. From wire strand pull-only cables to heavy duty armored core push-pull cables, we have you covered. Quality components are used throughout to ensure maximum corrosion resistance.

Rotary Drive Components

Glendinning stocks mechanical drive adapters to use with their automatic synchronizer and other tach applications

Glendinning offers a wide vairety of drive adapters and drive cables to be used with our automatic twin-engine synchronizer or any other application.

Mechanical Engine Synchronization

Automatically makes two engines run as one!

Synchronizer (transparent 400w

The Glendinning Automatic Synchronizer has been the industry standard for automatic engine synchronization for over 30 years. Engine synchronization is vital on twin engine boats, not only for the purpose of increased efficiency, but also to eliminate the annoying noise and vibration by engines operating at different speeds.