Handheld Remote

The Handheld Remote Control™ option gives boat operators total control of both transmission and throttle from virtually anywhere on the boat. This portable control station puts the same operational features of our fixed control station in your hands for easier docking and maneuvering of your boat in tight spots.

Marine Engine Controls Handheld Remote


CANbus Technology

With CANbus technology, communication components are more robust, wiring is simplified, and installation is made easier.

Ergonomic Design

Our design fits more comfortably in your hands than any other remote control option on the market. The “game pad” style design allows you to effortlessly control both engines at the same time.

Complete Engine Control

All normal functions available at any stationary control head are available on the Handheld
Remote. Keypad appearance is the same eliminating steep learning curve.

Additional Functions Available

Up to 8 other propulsion functions can be added to the Handheld Remote through the Auxiliary Output Function Unit (i.e., engine stop/start, bow/stern thruster, and rudder control).

Wiring Options

You can choose how to connect the Handheld Remote to the system

“Hard-Wired” To Existing Components

The remote is “hard-wired” to another component (i.e. control processor, control head station, or auxiliary function unit) in the Complete Controls system. the remote includes 35 feet of cable (standard). If necessary, a station communication cable can be used to extend the remote’s connection.

“Plug-In” For Increased Mobility

A “plug-in” receptacle can be installed in multiple locations on the boat to increase the usefulness of the remote. The remote comes with 25 feet of cable (only). The receptacle can be connected to the system with standard station communication cables.