CRMA 50 - With RV Cable

Glendinning Cablemaster is now available in 50 foot lengths for your RV!

The Glendinning Cablemaster is absolutely the easiest way to handle your bulky RV power cable – now available with industry leading lengths!

Say goodby to RV extension cords! Glendinning Cablemaster Model CRMA-50 gives you more range than almost any power cable setups with standard features including:


This unit has been replaced by Cablemaster™ Model CRRA-50 which exhibits all the same great product features on an even smaller frame! Go To Product Page to see details.


  • Zero Effort Cable Extension: When you want to extend your power cable, simply pull it out. The “Zero Effort” retraction motor is completely disconnected from the hub, making it extremely easy to pull out your cable.
  • Motorized Cable Retraction: When it’s time to retract the cable, press the button. The nearly silent retraction motor will automatically engage and retract the cable back into the coach.
  • EZ Unplug Lever: Easily disconnect from your campsite receptacle.
  • Power Indicator LED: Simple reference of sufficient power
  • Integrated Guide Roller: While the cable is retracting the integrated “Guide Roller” will automatically guide the cable onto the hub (drum)
  • Most Pliable Cord In The Industry!: The CRRA50 Cablemaster is equipped with 50 feet of “Type SOW” power cable – the most flexible power cable on the market – it will stay flexible down to 10 degrees below zero.
  • No Sharp Edges: Sleek, seamless design with no dangerous protruding edges.
  • Designed & Assembled In U.S.A.
Part Number:Description:Voltage Input:Operating Amps:Cable Type:Plug:Cable Length:Color:Frame / Metal Components:
CRMA50-12-RV50Cordreel - 50amp (4 cond.) US
12 VDC
8-10 amps nominal6/3 & 8/1 SEOW 105deg. C ratingMolded plug with LED and EZ Out Lever50' (9.7m)BlackAluminum (Anodized)
CRMA50-24-RV50Cordreel - 50amp (4 cond.) US24 VDC
5-7 amps nominal6/3 & 8/1 SEOW 105deg. C ratingMolded plug with LED and EZ Out Lever50' (9.7m)BlackAluminum (Anodized)

Say goodby to tangled messes and stiff cord! The Cablemaster Model CRMA50 is your final solution when it comes to handling and storing bulky 50 amp electrical cable! Although it can be used in any setting or environment, it is specifically designed for RV power cable applications. With its robust design,  its durability and reliability is second to none. Contact Glendinning today to begin your hassle free solution!