Industrial Power Cable

Take control of your bulky electrical cable with Cablemaster™!

The Cablemaster™ was originally designed for the marine shore power application. However, the Cablemaster’s™  unique design is a proven solution for many industrial applications requiring the handling of bulky electrical cable. The Cablemaster™ is engineered for durability and dependability and serves as one of the most complete solutions for industrial power cable handling and storage.

Industrial Applications

The Cablemaster™ can be used for a wide variety of applications in the handling of heavy electrical cable. Here are just a few of the many possible applications:

The Ultimate Cable Handling Solution

Motorized Extension & Retraction

Many cable handling solutions either only retract cable automatically or use spring powered solutions. The Cablemaster is motor driven both in and out which is a better solution when it comes to heavy, bulky power cable. Available in both 12 and 24 VDC motors, as well as AC motor setups.

No Slip Rings

The Cablemaster’s unique pulley design eliminates the need for internal slip rings or brushes, connecting the cable directly to the power panel. This bypasses the fear of a bad electrical connection, very important when dealing with high voltage uses.

Cablemaster CM-7 Industrial (transparent)

Unlimited Cable Length

Because of its unique design, the Cablemaster stores cable remotely which allows as much cable storage as needed. We offer customizable guide roller assemblys and storage containers to properly handle the cable in any setting.

Any Cable Size or Amperage

The Cablemaster™ CM Series is uniquely designed to handle a wide variety of power cable sizes. Since the cable is directly hardwired to your power source, there is no amperage limit. This handling method also ensures the safest possible transmission of power because there are no slip rings or breakages in the conductors. 

Cable Size:0.5" to 2.75" (12-70mm) Outside Diameter
Cable Amperage:10 to 300+ AMP

Wireless Remote Control

Power cable can be installed in any unreachable location and easily controlled with a remote control key fob.

Cablemaster Keyfob Remote

Application Examples

High Ceiling Mount

Remote control extending at retracting of cable makes it useful for high cable mounts. The Cablemaster allows the cable to be easily accessable while out of the way when it is not needed. This gym facility has a high ceiling mounted cablemaster in the center of their building which allows easy access at a central location. It also removes cable from the floor which could be a tripping hazard.

Vehicle Charging Station

The Cablemaster can be installed in a vehicle charging station. The automatic in and out capability makes it ideal, since it can retract the cable out of the way with a click of a button.

Aircraft Ground Power Unit

We offer power cable handling solutions for aircraft ground power units. Our cable handling systems are able to handle electrical cable up to 2.75″ (70mm) in diameter which covers most types of industrial power cords.