Glendinning 50amp RV Cordset

One of the great features of the Glendinning RV Power Cord Reels is – the cord itself! Discover what sets apart Glendinning’s RV 50amp Power Cords from the rest.

Glendinning offers two versions of the 50amp RV Power Cable

Standard 50amp RV Cordset

PowerSafe 50amp RV Cordset

Standard 50amp RV Cordset

Power Indicator LED

Green LED gives simple reference of correct voltage

Easy-Out Disconnect Lever

Large, molded Easy-Out lever to easily disconnect from the power panel.

Heavy Duty Construction

Can take abuse- constructed from a high-impact polymer.

Most pliable cordset in the industry

Special Type SEOW power cable is the most flexible power cable on the market. It will stay flexible down to -10deg. F

Made In U.S.A.

Manufactured in our Conway, SC factory – Just like all our other great products.

PowerSafe 50amp RV Cordset

Easily identify faulty power panels and keep both you and your coach safe.

Includes all Standard 50amp RV Power Cord features

All the same features including green power indicator LED, easy-out unplug lever, super flexible cord, and heavy duty plug construction.

Patented Powersafe Technology

Red LED gives user easy visual reference if reverse polarity or loss of ground is found at power source.

Compliant with new RVIA Code

Complies with RVIA Code NEC 70 2020 requiring indication of loss of ground or reverse polarity.

Able to perform OEM Hypot Test

Contains internal switch which allows builder to bypass monitoring circuitry and perform Dielectric Withstand Test.

Part Number:Description:
04137-L-XXStandard Cordset- RV 50amp 125/250v with Lever
04137-LPS-XXPowerSafe Cordset- RV 50amp 125/250v with Lever
XX = Length In Feet, 30-100' lengths available

CABLE SIZE50amp 125/250 VAC
CONSTRUCTIONHigh impact polymer, urethane filler, brass terminals