Genesys™ Series Top Mount Controls

Genesys is the control head to redefine the modern control heads. Featuring elegant elegant design encasuling the latest technology in a more compact footprint than all heads on the market.     

Discover The Genesys Difference

Watertight Construction

Designed to completely protect control head from external water ingress and suitable for extreme environments including high pressure wash down (IP69K) and applications where the control head may be submerged.

Industry Leading Technology

Utilizes dual channel non-contact (Hall Effect) sensors for handle position measuremenet to allow greater reliability and sealed from moisture penetration.

High Quality Materials

Polished stainless steel control body and handles

In-Handle Trim Switch (optional)

Handle mounted switch can be provided for outboard or sterndrive control

Crisp, Well-Defined Gear Shift Detents

Indicates distinct gear shift position using clearly and crisply defined detents at neutral, forward, idle, and reverse idle.

Wide Variety Of Applications

Compatible with inboard, outboard, sterndrive, and waterjet systems.

Finish Options

Black Finish

Chrome Finish

Keypad Configuration Options


  • 2 button control basic functions
  • Gear positioning lights
  • Warning indicator lights
  • RPM bump control buttons

Outboard With Troll

  • 4 button control all functions
  • Gear positioning lights
  • Warning indicator lights
  • Sync Control
  • Trolling Valve Control
  • RPM bump control


  • Single or dual handle
  • Available with or without integrated trim control
  • Troll Mode


  • Suitable for both electrical and mechanical engines and transmissions
  • Inboard, Outboard, Sterndrive, and Waterjet Propulsion
  • For use with all Glendinning Complete Controls systems