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Glendinning Marine Products, Inc.

Glendinning Products has been bringing you the finest quality, innovative products for the Marine, RV and Racing industries since 1972. Our reputation for quality and service is second to none!

Glendinning Products, LLC. was started from an idea that Hylands "Glen" Glendinning had. Glen worked with several marine industries from 1953-1971 and felt he could design and manufacture a twin-engine synchronizer that would be more durable than what was currently in the market. With the help of his wife Ruth and their 3 boys they sold the first Automatic Synchronizer in 1972 and so began a reputation for providing quality products. In 1983, Glen moved the operation to Conway, SC. In 1996 they broke ground on a new facility and with his retirement in 1990, Paul Glendinning was named President of Glendinning Products, LLC.

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